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[Video] ~ EngSub ~ JTBC Crime Scene episode 10

Episode 10 @ Daily Motion

Part 1Part 2

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[Video] Kang Minhyuk shared a video via LINE.

Minhyuk LINE video trans: Hello~ I have just finished the photoshoot. I just wanted to say hi to you guys. Bye~~


140713 Lee Donghae (SUJU) & Minhyuk (CNBLUE) having lunch

cr: leedonghae’s IG

【Trans】BOICE Magazine 1 CNBLUE manager’s interview

BOICE Magazine 1 CNBLUE manager’s interview.

Q. This is your second time to appear on BOICE magazine. It’s been a while so please say hello to all BOICE JAPAN.

A. Now CNBLUE has become a band to go on world tour and are widening their fields. Since all of you are supporting and warmly watching over them, they feel like you are a family to them. Please continue to support them.

Q. The fan meeting event is coming soon….

A. As it has been a while since our last fan meeting event, we’re planning something really like CNBLUE and want it to be like a reunion of a family. Please look forward to it.

Q. Who’s the most fashionable/stylish member of CNBLUE?

A. JS is. Since he’s interested in fashion, he’s always looking out for fancy items. He’s the first to have such stuff.

Q. Who lives life at his own pace the most?

A. YH is, in a good sense. He keeps his daily rhythm.
His daily schedules are fixed. As for meals or workout, he calmly does it. I guess you could say he’s stoical.

What are the members of CNBLUE like in their personal (ordinary) life?
Once again we interviewed CNBLUE’s Japanese manager B.
By asking the manager who’s close to them, lets take an upclose and personal look at CNBLUE.

Q. “Truth” has been released now. Were you taking part in making it?

A. They were composing songs or imaging them during their world tour or while traveling so I really didn’t get the chance to this time.

Q. Who eats the most among the four?

A. JS. He eats like a goat. Whether they’re out on a tour or working, he never skips a meal.

Q. Who’s the most scruffy (untidy, sloppy, messy) person?

A. Not “scruffy” but I guess “manly”(manlike, masuculine) is JH. Like at a hotel room, it’s obvious. You can tell “JH was here.”

Q. Who’s the most mischievous (elfin, arch, kidder)?

A. A bit unexpected but maybe MH. He’s usually calm but he makes funny faces and cracks jokes from time to time. Such funny side he sometimes shows us is too charming.

Q. If you were to fit the members of CNBLUE as your family, what would it be like?

A. JS would be my younger brother. YH, my father. MH would be my wife because he is well organized.
He’s good at cleaning up, making arrangements and is very thorough. He reminds me of things I forget and is supportive.
JH would be my twin brother. Since he’s good at Japanese, he keeps me updated about the members and I exchange information with him the most.


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CNBMinhyuk Team

[Project] Kang Minhyuk’s 24th Birthday! #DrummerKangMinhyukDay

Hello Boice and Lovely Gazes!

What a good day to start with an amazing news. This project is a success!!!

The team have been preparing for this project for months and we couldn’t have been more delighted that everything went on very well. The process of building this project was not easy and smooth but we are very glad it came to a success :)

1. The Cake and Cupcakes

It was very hard to decide what theme we would like for the cake but we figured since it is our first time to give Minhyuk a cake, we had it simple yet acknowledging what his profession is. The cupcakes with toppers were decided so that other fanbase and individuals can join this project too. :) Layouts and designs were personally made by our admins. The flavor is vanilla, if anyone is curious. ;)




Photos of the donor’s cupcakes will be emailed with the financial report. These were delivered to FNC on June 18, 2014.

2. Gifts

We tried all measures just so Minhyuk could tell us what he wants for his birthday. Our Admins’ friends kept on asking him these past few weeks at every fansign events but our lovely drummer just doesn’t answer seriously. So we came up with a pair of shoes and shirts! :)



3. Messages!

Of course, it will not be an amazing birthday without birthday greetings! This was exclusive to all the donors. We want it to be unique so we asked the donors to send their handwritten messages. :)




All gifts and message collages were sent to Minhyuk on June 23, 2014.



All of these are not possible without everyone’s help, motivation and trust. This project is special and all of us in this fanbase are very thankful to all of you! :) We specifically would like to thank our fanbase’s personal friend G onnie for all the help, it means a lot to us!

Financial report will follow so please check your emails.

Thank you once again for showing your support to us and your love to our lovely drummer Kang Min Hyuk! Until next time :)

The very grateful,

CNBMinhyuk Team

[Video] ~ EngSub ~ JTBC Crime Scene Episode 6

Episode 6 @ Dailymotion


Part 1, Part 2

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[Video] ~ EngSub ~ JTBC Crime Scene episode 5 


Episode 5 @ Daily Motion

Part 1, Part 2

source: bumdidlyumptious

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Minhyuk is hand picked to be the Korean Voice of  Quicksilver.

Comic Version: Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff) is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appears in X-Men #4 (March 1964) and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. He is the son of Magneto, the twin brother of the Scarlet Witch, and the paternal half-brother of Polaris.

Movie version: Quicksilver appears in the 2014 film X-Men: Days of Future Past, played by Evan Peters.Bryan Singer shot all of Quicksilver’s scenes in 3,600 frames per second. In the film, Quicksilver—whose name is Peter—helps WolverineCharles Xavier, and Hank McCoy free Magneto from his prison beneath the Pentagon in 1973. Wolverine suggests that they recruit his assistance as he has encountered Peter in the future. He also unwittingly briefly alludes that Magneto is likely his father. Quicksilver is also later seen holding his unnamed younger red-haired sister while watching Magneto deliver a broadcast on live television after attacking the White House.



CNBMinhyuk Trivia:

CNBMinhyuk is put up during the Blue Moon Philippines Tour preparation.

CNBMinhyuk Trivia:

CNBMinhyuk is put up during the Blue Moon Philippines Tour preparation.